Custody and visitation can be a very difficult experience. It is not easy to conclude who gets the custody of a child during a divorce, most especially when there is resentment between the parents. If you have children and are filing a petition for a divorce, you should know that there are state-specific rules regarding child custody and family law that you need to consider. Family courts determine arrangements based on the child’s best interests. Parenting abilities and your relationship with your child can play a huge part in this process.

H. Michelle Gregory LLC family law attorneys can advise and advocate for your rights, and make each step easier and closer to the outcome that you and your child want.

Different types of Child Custody:

Sole Legal Custody

Where only one parent has the physical and legal custody over a child, and have the sole responsibility to provide care and make important decisions(education, health care, and religious training) concerning the child.

Joint Legal Custody

Both parents have equal rights to make important decisions on their child’s behalf. However, the court only designates one parent to share a home with the child, while the other only holds visitation rights.

Joint Legal and Physical Custody

Both parents share equal parental rights. This includes sharing the responsibilities and the living arrangements, and making major decisions for the welfare of the child.

Obtaining the Custody of Your Child

Uncontested Child Custody cases can easily be resolved when both parties cooperate and come to an agreement on sharing the custody of the children. But if both parents cannot reach an agreement, family courts look at certain factors to determine custody arrangements, such as the parent’s passion and ability to provide care to the child, parent-child relationship, and the child’s needs and wishes.

There is nothing more difficult and contentious than a Contested Child Custody case. In such case, you must be prepared to show the court that granting custody to you is in the best interests of your children. You need to be able to prove that you have supported and provided care to your children.

Undergoing a divorce can be emotionally draining for the parents, but it is more difficult for the children. It can be hard to keep your calm in court and ensure that everything you want to express to the judge is covered. Our firm is ready to work with you and guide you through each step of the process. We are also dedicated to protecting your child’s rights while providing the best legal services that can help through your battle, so you can maintain a healthy relationship with your children and still be a part of their life.

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