Dealing with an Abuser?

The Lord gave me a word to share. Satan is the master of deception and lies. Satan is an Abuser. Abusers have the spirit of Satan. Abusers want to control and manipulate their target. Example: Abuser/controller thinks of you as their property, thus, they get to manipulate your behavior. The Abuser sees you making friends with someone (coworker, family member, neighbor, church friend, etc.) and thinks, “I don’t want them to be friends. How can I control this?” So they use lies and deception to spread seeds of doubt. Such as, he only wants sex, she is weird, he just wants your job, etc. Then the target starts thinking, hmmm, “I should not be friends with them”. And, the Abuser WINS! And you LOSE! You are now isolated from making new friends with someone your Abuser/controller saw as a threat to their control over you. You much have been making friends with someone smart or attractive. I hope this helps someone today!

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