Divorcing A Narcissist

Narcissists typically tell you that divorce attorneys are not needed. They’ll say attorneys are worthless, expensive, and sharks. Then they will butter you up and try to get you to agree to a settlement that they have crafted. They (or their secret attorney) will draft up an agreement that they will expect you to sign. But BEWARE… the Narcissist has only one goal and that is to win at any cost. They will attempt to negotiate with you and persuade you to agree to their proposed agreement. The agreement will be construed in their favor. When you disagree with their proposal, because you know it is not fair, they will start calling you names like Gold-digger, whore, user, greedy, and so on. They will remind you how you were a stay home parent, did not earn as much as them, your name is not on the title, and so on. The more you disagree and insist on an attorney or a fair division of the property, the more they will try every trick in the book. They will try things like bullying, name calling, cutting off finances, gossiping, befriending your family and friends, slandering you and your family, turning your children against you, stalking and harassing you, and more. When these tactics do not work, they the suddenly miss you, love you, and cannot live without you. Remember, it is a game to them. They will stop at nothing to WIN. A good attorney will see right through the Narcissist’s games. Love yourself enough to move on and seek legal advice!!

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