Episode 1: Winning at Selling the Marital Residence

Date: Jan. 15, 2020

Guest Name: Michelle Papp, Realtor

Episode 1 of Winning at Divorce provides tips and stories to aid you in selling the marital residence regardless of which stage of divorce you may be going through. A divorce is a very emotional and frightful time in life, and selling your home in the midst of this major life change only adds to your stress and worry. Having a qualified realtor can ease some of the fears and uncertainty while assisting you and your spouse in sell your home. Realtor Michelle Papp joins Winning at Divorce and provides tips on how to get through the divorce battlefield and win at selling the marital residence. Michelle Papp has 25+ years in the housing industry. She was a successful builder and general contractor for several years before getting her realtors license. She now works for RE/MAX Acclaimed Properties in Bloomington, Indiana. We hope you enjoy the tips that Michelle Papp shares with us on Winning at Divorce. Remember… winning doesn’t mean getting everything.

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RE/MAX Acclaimed Properties
3695 S Sare Rd, Bloomington, IN 47401
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