Episode 3: Winning at the Mental Health

Date: Mar. 15, 2020

Guest Name: Elisa Duncan, L.M.H.C., Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Episode 3 of Winning at Divorce gives you amazing tips on how to deal with a partner who is suffering with a mental health or personality disorder. Divorce is a very trying time in one’s life, but when you add a narcissist, sociopath, or psychopathy into the mix, the situation can quickly become dangerous and frightening. Some mental health disorders are mild and easily treated, while others are not. You may be wondering if you are in a situation where your partner is mentally unstable. If your spouse is calling you names, stalking you, and controlling everything you do, then you are mostly likely hitched up with someone who is not mentally well. This episode can help you to ascertain whether or not you are in danger. Leaving a spouse who has a mental illness or personality disorder is much more dangerous than a normal situation. For a better understanding, licensed mental health counselor, Elisa Duncan, (with 30 years of experience) can help you understand the situation you are in and how to escape. In this episode, she provides listeners with tips and definitions regarding situations that involve mental health and personality disorders. Under normal situations, divorce is very difficult and adversarial, but when one or both partners have mental health issues, the divorcing process can be much more complicated and dangerous. In these cases, winning at divorce means to stay safe so you must plan and prepare before you leave the relationship. Your life may depend on it!

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