Episode 4: Winning at Family Health

Date: April 15, 2020

Guest Name: Lisa J. Hanner-Robinson, M.D.

Episode 4 of Winning at Divorce assist spouses of divorce to better deal with their fears and uncertainties by making sure they stay in good medical health. When your physical health is poor, the stress and strain of a divorce could cause additional medical problems. Even the most healthy person can suffer from new physical health problems, such as heart palpitations, loss of sleep, and high blood pressure during the divorce battle. It is important to see your family doctor during the divorce proceedings if you see any changes in your physical health. A good family doctor, like our guest, Dr. Lisa Robinson, can monitor and help any aggravated health issue or new health issue that is the result of the divorce. Dr. Lisa Robinson can test you for sleep apnea, hormonal changes, vitamin deficiencies, as well as, prescribe anxiety medications, to help you deal with divorce. To win at divorce, you must be in good health, so see your family doctor at the first signs of any change. Remember, you must plan and prepare to win at your health and your divorce.

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