Why Such Negative, Negative, Negative Behavior?!

Abusers typically engage in diverse types of negative behavior that ranges from verbal to physical. Most Abusers are prone to lying, cheating, breaking laws, ignoring social norms, stealing, trespassing, stalking, abusing drugs and alcohol, destroying others property, and recklessness, as well as, not paying their child support or continually trying to get out of supporting their child with constant court filings and hearings.

Abusers use negative verbal behavior in addition to negative physical behavior. Abusers use criticism, degrading remarks, hurtful humor, name-calling, mental blackmail, outlandish accusations, threats, silent treatment, insults, and anything else the Abuser can think of in the moment where they fear they are losing control or someone might see their flaws.

Abuser’s are very negative people. They are never happy with anyone, anything, and especially, themselves. Since their self-loathing is so strong and prominent in their lives, the Abuser constantly seeks to put everyone and everything down around them. The Abuser typically hates everything. You may not notice this self-hatred until you have had the unfortunate opportunity to witnesses it during one of their moments of weakness or unmasking.

Often the true Abuser is seen when he/she is drunk or enraged or both. You will suddenly witness the Abuser change, and then it starts. The Abuser will start ranting, raving, yelling, and even destroying everything in his/her path. Or, in one of their depressed/weak moments, they will cry and criticize themselves; this is the moment you learn what it is they hate about themselves. They typically hate anything from their physical looks to their social standing in the world. And, they blame everyone else for their flaws.

YOU CANNOT FIX AN ABUSER! ABUSERS DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU! Abusers are negative creatures that have a total disregard of other’s feelings and/or property. They will do anything and use anyone to achieve their one true goal…to eliminate their target and to mask their true self!

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