The stress, excitement, and expense of a holiday can create the potential environment for domestic violence to occur in a home. But, on a holiday, that adds alcohol and explodes to the mix, the possibility for domestic violence increases significantly.

Abusers love explosive fireworks both in their relationships and their entertainment. Abusers typically have a fiery history of verbal, emotional, financial, and/or physical violence with their spouse, as well as, a history of excessive drinking (alcoholism) and drug use (both legal and illegal), of criminal behavior (trespass, harassment, DWI/DUI, etc.), of having protective orders against them, of pyromania, and of continuous lying, criticizing, and dramatizing every little thing someone does they don’t like.

Many Abusers have been known to be pyromaniacs, whom suffer from pyromania an impulse control disorder. It might be difficult to understand how an Abuser can have an impulse control disorder when their entire goal in life is to always control others around them, in some way or another. Most Abusers, in fact, lack control of themselves, which manifests into the need to control things around them.

Pyromaniacs enjoy fires, setting fires, and explosions. They get a sense of gratification and/or relief from the stress and/or tension they perceive in their life. Additionally, blowing things up is a form of control that gives the Abuser a sense of power and/or control, which is exactly what they crave.

Abusers will drag up the past, over and over again, to either get sympathy or to enflame action. Abusers manipulate others to do their evil bidding, such as, stalking, spying, reporting, and gas lighting. Abusers love to play the victim and blame the person they are targeting. And, then an unsuspecting person, who is new to the Abuser’s game, is sucked into the snare of the Abuser and then puts them self in the place of the Abuser by doing the Abuser’s evil bidding.

So, if you know an Abuser, be especially careful around holiday’s where it is traditional to engage in both alcohol and explosives. It might not be just the BottleRock’s exploding, it could be the Abuser who ignites his/her uncontrollable violent behavior and you are the target!!

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