How To Move Past Divorce

Divorce is the end of one path and the beginning of a new path. You are simply at an interception of your life. So, which way do you go?

First, you must decide what you want or where you want to go. Second, once you know what you want, you set some goals for reaching your future destination. How? Just like planning a vacation. You simply sit down and detail out the future you want. Go for the stars! What do you have to lose? Third, mediate and visualize yourself living your new life each day until you get it. Fourth, while you are waiting, forget your past (even if other people try to drag it up like a dog drags home an old bone), be grateful for all of your life (even your mistakes or the hurt others have inflicted on you), believe with all your heart that the future you desire is coming (because if you don’t believe, you cannot receive), and reach for that new life by taking steps towards it (because even baby steps is taking action). Before you know it, you will have arrived at your new destination.

Remember, on your journey, don’t look back with negative thoughts or let so called friends and family pull you backwards. They were stuck in the past and jealous of your ability to move on. They think it is their job to pick you apart, analyze you and your choices, and tell you what you did wrong and how to go forward. You don’t need this. You may have to tell them to mind their own business, and if they don’t, let them go. You must be a forward thinker and keep moving towards your goal to reach your new life.

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