1. Gather Necessary Documents:
    • Collect relevant paperwork, including financial records, appraisals, insurance (life, health, vehicles, etc.) property deeds, prenuptial agreements, recently file pleadings, and any existing court orders related to the distribution of marital property and child related issues such as custody, parenting time, and support.
    • Bring personal information like social security numbers, birth dates of for the family, addresses and phone numbers of those involved in the divorce.
  2. Prepare a List of Questions:
    • Jot down questions you have about the divorce process, child custody, parenting time, child support, alimony, spousal support, property division, moving, buying and selling a house, and any other concerns specific to your situation..
    • Be ready to discuss uncomfortable topics like substance abuse, infidelity, gambling, or domestic violence.
    • Be ready to hear what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. Attorney’s need to tell you all the pros and cons, as well as, play the devils advocate in order to help the client better understand the bigger picture and how a judge will view the case.
  3. Be Honest and Transparent:
    • Share all relevant details with your attorney. Honesty is crucial for developing an appropriate legal strategy. Do not lie! Your attorney needs to know the good, bad, and ugly upfront to better prepare for mediation or trial.
    • Discuss your goals and priorities during the consultation. And be prepared to come up with a plan of action.
  4. Review Your Budget:
    • Understand the costs associated with legal representation. Ask about fees, retainer amounts, and payment plans.
    • Ask if the attorney does pro se assistance or coaching to help you represent yourself to avoid high attorney fees.
    • Clarify how billing works and what expenses you may incur during the divorce process.
    • Be prepared to sign a contract with the attorney regarding the services they are to preform, and the costs associated with representation and court.
    • Be prepared to pay more than the original retainer. The retainer is jus a deposit towards your attorney fees. Your case could cost a lot more or, if you are luck, less. It your case cost less that your retainer, you should receive a refund, so make sure you discuss this with before signing the contract.
    Remember, your initial consultation sets the groundwork for your legal proceedings and the attorney client relationship. Being well-prepared ensures a more productive meeting with your divorce attorney. Best of luck!
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