Is The Person I’m With A Bad Choice?

When you are with someone and you are asking yourself, “Is this the one?”, you should make a personality profile list. Now, you ask, “What is a personality profile list?” Well, it is a list in which you write down the positive and negative traits of the person you are with. It is a type of checks and balances of the relationship. No matter who you are with, there will be both pros and cons, but how bad are the cons is what matters. Below is a list of cons that should raise an eyebrow and make you think twice about being with this person.

Does the person:

  • Hide the truth about them self?
  • Asks you to stop seeing your friends or family?
  • Pressures you to quit your job?
  • Uses illegal drugs or abuses prescription drugs?
  • Has a history of moving around a lot/
  • Frequently changing jobs?
  • Badmouths their exes?
  • Ask you to marry them shortly after starting to date?
  • Has dated several people simultaneously?
  • Abuses alcohol?
  • Makes fun of you and your interest?
  • Has a total disregard of your needs?
  • Calls you names?
  • Belittles your interests and friends?
  • Harasses you to move with them?
  • Lies about everything and has great excuses for their misdeeds?
  • Bullies you into doing things you are uncomfortable with?
  • Frequently asks you for money?
  • Extremely charming and oily?
  • Has a mental health diagnosis (or should have one)?
  • Jokingly states that “Rules are to be broken.”?
  • Has an imperial attitude, such as, “I’m the King/Master” attitude?
  • It’s their way or the highway, thus very inflexible?
  • Doesn’t support their children emotionally or financially?
  • Gives you a sick feeling in your gut?

If you listed several of these treats, you need to get out of the relationship ASAP. Start with making an exit plan to safely remove yourself and execute it with caution. This person could be very dangerous. You will thank yourself later.

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