Separation – Legal Separation

Separation or Legal Separation is a good choice for couples who are experiencing marital problems, this gives the couples the choice to either go on and move forward to divorce or to salvage their marriage or work out terms for their children.

Advantages of Legal Separation

At most cases, Divorce is a long process wherein the marriage steadily deteriorate until the husband and wife choose to live separately. Rather than choosing to get a divorce right away, most people choose to get a legal separation first. This usually is the case when the spouses still have hopes salvaging their marriage or have a children.

By choosing to be legally separated, the husband and wife can give themselves the time and space they need to work out their relationship issues without the pressure of having to live in the same roof. Some people also choose to be legally separated rather than divorced due to their deep religious belief and convictions and some couples choose legal separation so they could keep the insurance and health benefits.

How to get a separation (legal separation)?

Upon submission of your petition to the court for legal separation, you may obtain orders concerning the ff:

  1. Child Custody
  2. Visitation Rights
  3. Child Support
  4. Spousal Maintenance

These orders are legally enforceable, which means that you will have recourse in any event that your spouse violates these orders.

I will also help you with the terms of the orders and see if those orders work for you. You can choose either to accept the terms as it is or modify them as you move on with the divorce proceedings.

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