The Narcissist Financial Dating Game

Prince charming (narcissist) will come swooping in to save you from your financial trouble when you first start dating. He will help you get out of trouble and tell you how much he cares for you. He might even propose to you right off the bat. But BEWARE… this is a ploy to gain your trust and to bond you to him. You will be tricked into thinking, “He’s so nice”. But, in time, accepting his help will come back to bite you. He will remind you how he rescued you over and over again. Sometimes, he will remind you to make you feel bad about yourself, or to remind you of how much you need him, or how you are obligated to him. Just remember that all of his comments are meant to control you and keep you in his snare. When the time is right, he will strict. He will suddenly need money for something. If you give it to him, you will never give him enough. He will continue to come back for more until you have been bleed dry. If you refuse, you may later find out that he tried to get a bank loan in your name without your knowledge, or opened a credit card in your name, or stolen your identity. You are most likely not the first victim. Even if the narcissist (I mean prince charming), has a job and makes good money, he still thinks he is entitled to someone else’s money. He will lie to get you to help him. When he runs out of lady friends (I mean victims), he will turn to his friends or his mother (or an alternative woman he is grooming). Help me mommy!! He will lie to her. He will tell her that he is the victim. He will have an elaborate story how it is not his fault. She will fall for it. Meanwhile, he is on the prowl for his next victim. Most likely, he will use the money from his mom to help or impress and bond to his next intended victim or for legal fees where he has done something wrong, like domestic violence, driving while intoxicated, public intoxication, or violating a protection order. If a man is asking you for money… run and freeze your credit.

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