Why You’re Abuser Lies About You

You keep asking yourself, “Why is my abuser lying about me?” You cannot for figure out why. You just keep shaking your heads trying to figure out why they are attacking you and your reputation.

The truth is that abusers lie to destroy and annihilate you and your reputation. The Abuser cannot stand you and wants to literally wipe you out. Sometimes they will even verbalize their thoughts to you without thinking. They will say things like “I wish you were dead”, “You should just die”, “Why will not just die”, “You should just kill yourself because you are despicable”, and so on. So, if you learn their thoughts are to hurt you, you need to get out like yesterday!!

The Abuser’s hatred is so intense the only way they feel good about themselves is to hurt you! So they start lying and accusing you of doing disgusting and immoral things. When you begin to stand up for yourself and tell the truth about them, they attack you even harder and accuse you of being the liar in an attempt to bully you into stopping you from revealing their true character.

You see, if you destroy someone’s reputation, you actually destroy their identity. Once someone’s identity has been destroyed, the destroyer feels vindicated because you don’t exist as a person anymore. This opens the window for the abuser to continue to abuse and destroy you. If you have no identity, you are no one and nothing. The abuser believes there is no reason to be upset with them self for kicking something at is nothing. It’s like kicking an empty old can down the street for fun.

It is harder to abuse someone you see as someone’s child or as a human being. The abuser strips their target of their identity so that the abuser feels justified in their actions. In order to get their friends and family to back them, the abuser has to have a good reason for saying the things he/she does. Most people are smart enough to question the things they hear, but an abuser lies about the lies until he/she convinces others to support their actions and rumors. The lies told to justify hurting someone have to be generally considered immoral and/or unfair for people to buy into the lie. The abuser wants everyone to think the target is so terrible that they deserve to be destroyed personally and publicly.

Once the abuser starts lying, he/she must continue to lie and the lies have to grow bigger and more horrific to continue to justify to friends and family that their actions towards their target is just and proper, and to feed the abuser’s bitterness and hatred. The abuser actually enjoys his little game.

The person trying to hurt someone is an abuser, bully, sociopath, mentally ill, sick person. Remember, a sociopath has no regard for other people or their lives, including the ones who help him/her destroy the target.

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